BITLOCUS uses Google Authenticator for two factor authentications (2FA). 

Here's how to activate Google Authenticator for your BITLOCUS account:

  1. Download the app to your smartphone:
  2. Login to your BITLOCUS account and head to Settings > Security > 2FA/ Google Authenticator > Click "Change" button.
    The system will provide you with an activation QR code and with secret key (write it down and store securely. You will need it in case of phone-loss to recreate an access to your account.).
  3. Now open your Google Authenticator app on your smartphone and click the ''+'' button on it.
  4. Use an app to scan that QR code provided by BITLOCUS.
  5. BITLOCUS account will appear on your Google Authenticator app. Use a code provided by an app and insert it to corresponding field to activate Google Authenticator for your BITLOCUS account. Click 'submit'.
  6. You are all set!

Google Authenticator is a must have on BITLOCUS exchange to:

  1. Login
  2. Confirm new withdrawal address (both crypto and FIAT)
  3. Confirm crypto and FIAT withdrawals.
  4. Confirm and edit API keys status.