In order to open a business account:

1. You must be the CEO of your company or representative authorized to act under the behalf of the Company and open a personal account and upgrade it to Tier 3 level (with personal data) in order to apply for the business account as Tier4 (more info on tier levels is here). 

The list of restricted countries (for natural persons, businesses and bank payments): click here

2. Apply for Tier 4 business account. You will have to provide:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of association (Statue)
  • A list of shareholders (anyone that has 25% or more of shares), name their share stake and source of wealth
  • Shareholders' identification documents
  • Briefly describe your company's business plan
  • Add your KYC/AML procedures if your company is finance-related
  • Power of attorney to represent the company signed by the CEO, if you are not the CEO.