In order to open a business account:

1. You must be the CEO of your company or representative authorized to act under the behalf of the Company and open a personal account and upgrade it to Tier 3 level (with personal data) in order to apply for the business account as Tier 4 (more info on tier levels is here). 

You can find the full list of prohibited jurisdictions on the dedicated web page "Prohibited countries and activities" here.

2. Apply for Tier 4 business account. You will have to provide:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of association (Statue)
  • A list of shareholders (anyone that has 25% or more of shares), name their share stake and source of wealth
  • Shareholders' identification documents
  • Briefly describe your company's business plan
  • Add your KYC/AML procedures if your company is finance-related
  • Power of attorney to represent the company signed by the CEO, if you are not the CEO.