It is simple - submit a request to stake or lend.

Make sure your account is deposited with EUR (via SEPA or SWIFT deposits), BTL or other supported asset. Submit your desired amount from your balance to staking or lending. Our platform will process your request in 24 hours and you will be able to track its performance on your account under "My Portfolio" section.

Please note, that BTL staking has lock-up periods. BTL staking yield size depends on the length of the staking period. The longer you stake your BTL, the more BTL you earn as interest. You will be able to withdraw your assets and staking rewards after the end of lock-up period. Also, if you choose to stake your assets for longer than the lock-up period, it will continue with the same yield as is it was locked with. 

Once you want to withdraw your position partially or in full, simply submit a request to unstake or redeem and our platform will process it for you and deposit it in original currency back to your account (for example, if investments were made in EUR, you will receive EUR). 

Bitlocus token staking tutorial can be found here.

Lending tutorial can be found here.