Follow the steps listed below.

1. Log in on the Bitlocus platform.

2. Go to "DeFi Marketplace" → LENDING tab or go to "My Portfolio" → LENDING table.

3. Click on the “REDEEM” button in the Actions field.

Redeem a part of assets without the need to close the whole lending position OR

Close a whole lending position and withdraw all the assets you lent.

STEP 1: Enter an amount to redeem

4. Select 25%, 50%, 75%,100% of your balance or enter a specific amount you wish to redeem.

5. Click “Proceed”.

STEP 2: Confirm exchange

This step is required to confirm currency exchange rates if you have lent EUR (fiat). Here you are provided with information about the expected amount of EUR (fiat) you will receive after the assets will be exchanged and with the last step redeemed. No exchange or redemption fees are applied. Also keep in mind that the final amount of EUR (fiat) received may differ due to exchange rate fluctuations.

6. Click “Confirm exchange” if you agree to the exchange rate offered.

STEP3: Submit for redeeming

In this step you are provided with information about your request before it is submitted, e. g. estimated processing time of your request to redeem.

7. Click “Submit for redeeming”. After this, you will receive a notification about a successfully submitted request and a link to view your order status.

You request will be processed in 24 hours, but usually it takes much less time.